South Florida's Private Chef

Where culinary meets imagination....

Chef Brian Michael is not just your ordinary chef. His passion is choreographing private dining experiences that bring people back around the dinner table. His specialty is transforming ordinary meals into unforgettable experiences.

More than a Chef...

a storyteller, crafting narratives on a plate.


Curating a customized, personal dining experience where food is a work of art.


Awakening your taste buds with exquisite flavor combinations.


Bringing elegance and sophistication to your table with a touch of flare.

Every dish tells a story...every bite is a revelation

The menu...

where inspiration and imagination combine

The menu is one of the most important elements of a fine dining experience. Think of it as an introduction...outlining the story of every dish that will be plated, and bringing a beautiful expression to your table. Chef Brian Michael will create a customized menu that brings the vision of your special gathering to life!

The heart of it the table

There is something special about gathering around the table. It's where connection begins and a sense of belonging happens. From the beginning of time, food has always brought people together...gathering around the table in fellowship, a celebration, for comfort and community.

And here is where the fun begins...

Book a Consultation

We will discuss what you are envisioning for your table, how many people we are serving and the logistics of your private dining experience. Easily schedule a call by clicking the link below, and let's begin planning! I look forward to the conversation!

Review your Proposal

Once your consultation has occurred, I will generate a proposal that outlines the course of your dinner experience, review your expectations and vision, and the total pricing. I want to make sure I have captured the vision of your dinner experience!

Design the Menu

This is the really fun part! We will collaborate to make sure the menu for your event is nothing short of spectacular. From flavors and cuisine to all the fresh ingredients, we will inspire a menu that is sure to impress your dinner guests.

Believe in your vision and let's bring it to life!

Follow Along

You are invited to follow along Chef Brian Michael's culinary journey. Find inspiration for events, discover your palette, learn about mindful eating, and the art of gathering around the table.

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